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Traditional Thai Yoga is a technique which combines guided stretches and targeted massage to unblock your energetic channels and calm your mind. This type of Thai massage has been used for centuries to release tension along acupressure points, balance the body, and boost blood circulation.

It is a physical and mental re-balancing

massage so anyone will benefit from having this type of massage. It can increase flexibility, improve core strength, and help to manage pain in your shoulders, neck and back.

You will remain fully dressed throughout the treatment, so should choose fitted but comfortable clothing


A Thai Yoga massage uses firm pressure strokes performed with the elbow, forearm and feet, alongside specific yoga poses and stretches. This acupressure and muscular release will help release trapped energy within the body, as well as lengthening and stretching your tendons and soft tissue.

The benefits of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga massage potential benefits
  1. Releases stiffness and speeds recovery time after exercise.

  2. Develops flexibility in the body.

  3. Reduces cortisol to de-stress the mind.

  4. Promotes a sense of deep relaxation.

Book a session with Laura at to find out just how wonderful this massage treatment is.

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