A little slice of tranquillity...

Although I have been offering mobile massage and beauty treatments for over a year now, I am regularly asked by my clients if I have a treatment room in which they can visit me.

Although many people love to have a treatment in their own home, they also love to go out to their treatment or massage as that is part and parcel of the pampering experience. After a couple of weeks of time and preparation, I am really happy to say that the room is now open and ready to take bookings and I completed my first treatment today which was amazing!

People tell me that you get out what you put in, that is very true in some circumstances. However, what's also true is taking an opportunity and making it become something you want, something you believe in and something that you know you can make work if you put the effort in.

I am truly blessed to do the work that I do, and I love every second of it. I am hoping that by expanding and giving people even more opportunity and options that I can continue to provide a caring, professional and friendly service. :-)

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