Blue Badge Holders Discount With - Consider Everyone :-)

As someone who is very familiar with disability and long term illness, I want to make sure that I am caring, and putting everyone's needs as a priority as providing a high quality, professional but caring service is most definitely top of my list when I carry out any treatment.

Ever since I started putting promotions or discounts out for my business, I realised that I may not have been stopping to consider everyone's needs.

So I am offering 10% off any treatment to any Blue Badge holders out there who would like to enjoy a treatment with me in the comfort of their own home.

I may not be moving mountains at the moment, but small steps in the right direction and looking after people is in my eyes the way forward with my work.

As always, get in Touch if you would like any more information, or just to say hi! :-)

#BlueBadge #Disability #Mountains

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